1. Hugh Gentry

    she looks like a porn star

  2. Sean

    Yes, nose, cheek implants, collegen injections in the lips.

  3. MissK

    She looks like she could be Snooki’s sister

  4. Dank

    When did she turn black???

  5. JollyJumJuck

    If she is going for the flat-faced-duck look, it worked.

  6. jhohn

    puppy fat implants to look like snooky. check.

  7. marcus welby

    she’s pregnant…

  8. Courtney

    Maybe she got dental work done to fix her exposed gum that people give her a hard time about. That would explain the puffy cheeks/mouth area when there is no other weight gain.

  9. Jeannified

    Her face looks so bloated!!! That makeup job is horendous, too!

  10. Nique

    Maybe she’s on corticoids? They bloat you, primarily in the face.

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