1. Virgo

    Celebrities have so much money, why do they get the worst tattoo artists?

  2. HOLY SHIT!!! The guy is a millionaire and that’s the quality of tattoo he gets? Ive seen better jail house tattoos.

  3. edod

    What a shitty tattoo! He has millions of dollars, but it looks like one of his buddies inked him in a garage. Thats beside the point though i think it is her face, and I think he’s proud of beating her. That pussy ass no talent punk mofo. She’s dumb as shit too for showing affection toward him.

    • *Pulls out List O’ Euphemisms,
      writes “inked him in the garage”*

    • nowadays

      when is everyone going to realize no one has talent anymore in that sense…. the talent is hustling the deals with what youve got and you cant take that away from anyone they write about on here… they are there and you are not unfortunatly thats the deal… I couldnt hack it so i married into money HA!! :)

  4. Ed Gein

    That would make a TERRIFIC lampshade.

  5. Smapdi

    I get it. Brown is ‘He-Man’ and that is a hybrid of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn coming out to attack him.

  6. who cares

    He’s DOUCHBAG!!!!!

  7. CuriousTroll

    This here is one classy motherfucker. The human race deserves to die out like the dinosaurs asap.

  8. Anonymous

    Only Chris Brown would put a tattoo of a man’s faced covered in bukkake on his neck

  9. may the faust be with you

    good he’s making more mistakes. that’s what keeps me smiling.

  10. How can I be depressed about this? Let me count the ways:

    1) People still care about Chris Brown’s didoes.
    2) Including Rihanna.
    3) And despite his *admitting* almost killing a valuable commodity (at the time), and putting a remembrance billboard about it on his goddamn NECK where it can’t be hidden,
    …a) he will still be paid,
    …b) and still get laid,
    …c) by the aforementioned Rihanna and others,
    …d) no matter how terrible a person he is, OH AND HE IS,
    …e) because he can dance and sing.
    4) That is a freaking horribly drawn tattoo.
    5) Yes, I saw that it’s supposed to be half a “Day of the Dead” skull. But he must think we are as dumb as he is to claim that’s *all* it is, or that he didn’t look at the art on which it’s (badly) based and say “heh, that looks like Rihanna after she peeped my phone; Imma put that on my neck”.

    Original art here:

  11. lena

    At the end of the DAY who GIVES a flying FUCK! He has TALENT yea I said it so get OVER IT! We all make MISTAKES and if you haven’t KEEP FUCKING LIVING! IS this poor taste yes, but there are pics of the immortal dead images all over! Now if you believe in GOD or whether you don’t NONE OF YOU nor ME have a HEAVEN, HELL OR PARADISE to put him IN! So my point again why should you give a FUCK!

    • A “mistake” is “I stole a candy bar when I was seven years old”. Curling your hand into a fist, beating, and nearly choking the life out of a(t least one) woman is an “on purpose”. He is not remorseful, and is now in fact proudly displaying a tattoo in fond remembrance of the occasion. I think God is just fine with me judging the hell out of him.

    • The fact that the first argument you make is that he has “talent” so we should “get over it” and excuse his “mistake”, is why you’re a colossal douchebag defending a like douchebag. “Talent” of any kind doesn’t excuse what he did any more than it exonerated Mel Gibson tuning up on his girlfriend or absolve OJ from cutting the throats of two people or pardon William S. Burroughs from shooting and killing his wife or condone Michael Jackson’s diddling kiddies.

      Whether or not we believe in God or have an unearthly realm, be it good or bad, to send him to is utterly irrelevent, and certainly doesn’t preclude us from giving a fuck about anything, so you definitely tanked with that one.
      FYI, Paradise and Heaven are synonymous. Also, “none of you or me” = “none of us”. Try for coherency next time, even if you are a douchebag defending a douchebag.

      But as it stands, as an impassioned plea for the rights of the put-upon and bullied Übermensch, your post sucks any number of dead men’s decaying balls. Kindly go fuck yourself.

  12. Luis

    Yeah, that’s Rihanna all right! Before and after taking a beating!

  13. Cadillac Jack

    That isn’t a sugar skull, even a child could see that.

  14. SuckerPunch

    I’m feeling black and blue.

    Give me a tattoo of my ex-girlfriend with half of her face fucked up. No one will notice it.

  15. Is that supposed to be a Catrina??? Pffffft!

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