1. DogBoy

    MILF ass…… Winning! Duh!

  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    wow incredible!!!!!!!! I want to look like that post two kids..wonder what’s her diet/exercise regime

  3. Smellers

    she’s always been lickable.

  4. Cock Dr

    I wonder if the rumors are true that she used to be an escort.

  5. Drundel

    She needs to spend a little more time doing squats.

  6. Amir

    A little flat for my taste, not a fan of the fake breasts either…meh.

  7. cheeky

    I’m sooooo tired of people complaining about white women’s small butts – if you want big butts look elsewhere already, there’s plenty around. White women don’t naturally have big butts – We can’t make something out of what’s not there. Be considerate about the limits of nature. She has a great ass for a white woman her age.

  8. TGNY

    Nope, the ass is flat and kind of sags. This does not mean I wont hit that. But it is a flat booty

  9. whatever on the flat booty….i’d still munch on that entire package til her head collapsed…..just sayin….

  10. yowillie

    Spank and eat.


    Charlie fucked up…big time

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