1. Anonymouslyawesome

    Kudos to the plastic surgeon that was able to attach her head to ET’s torso.

  2. Heyzeus Hosay

    Poor baby, she looks cold. Or has a tummy ache. Pobresito

  3. Hugh Gentry

    she needs to eat something. Her chemical bags are going to pop.

  4. Deva

    Notice how she’s all fat in pic 1, then in pic 4 she’s sucking her stomach in?

  5. Ms. Littlejohn

    No lie, I just watched Striptease last night and my boyfriend and I both agree, she was MUCH sexier then (fake boobs and all)! She’s too boney now! I think being so skinny at her age makes her look OLDER and like she’s trying to hard. That’s why you shouldn’t marry a guy 10x’s younger than you are. You make him keep up with YOU not the other way around.

    ; P

  6. ashton


  7. Rick

    Agreed! She looked way better in Striptease!

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