1. ahhemmm

    I gotta give credit where credit is due…good genes, great surgeons, and serious dedication to diet & exercise. But if I were Ashton I still wouldn’t go for that when he could (at least once upon a time) have anyone; only years younger, and more natural. Demi probably spends all her time & energy obsessing abt working out, diet, etc, in order to look this way….Boooring.

  2. Rabbit

    Damn that woman’s hot!
    A thousand times better tits than “Blame it on Rio”

  3. Phil

    Another has-been that never really was. has anyone ever seen a movie she was good in. Ghost maybe – but all she did there was cry and whimper. For the life of me – I can’t see why anyone gives a shit. If she hadn’t married Bruce Willis (someone who CAN act) she’d be working in a Waffle House right now.

  4. Phil

    … that said – I’d do her little hidey hole …

  5. Bob

    A “10+” and always will be!!!

  6. am i the only one who finder her unattractive and a complete try hard? she has NO ass and her body is so overworked and ill proportioned… I usually love thin figures but not a fan. she looked better back in the 90s

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