1. Sarah

    $8 billion on plastic surgery and what – she couldn’t afford a little extra on her knees… Where the hell did she get those?! A giraffe?

    • Manny

      You say as you slowly move your 200+ lb huge Bonbon laden, cottage cheese resembling body around to grab your double meat, double cheese burger, and that double order of chili cheese fries, and shove them down you gullet. You could only hope to look that well at your current age.

  2. Eggo

    old lady knees…ewwwww!

  3. Ferg

    She is flabby in the bum …

  4. Angela

    why dont u think it will happen to u one day too ? everyone will have it. Please, RESPECT for other !

    All comments i see here have no respect for her.
    ONE DAY you all will be like her too !

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