1. sooooooosuperficial

    I wouldn’t have placed the urinal directly across from the sink, maybe that’s just my taste.

  2. Audrey Jo

    Oh, honey, no…!
    Listen Dem, you don´t have to tell the world about your midlife crisis. You don´t have to look desperate for attention like Adrianne Curr, or futile and immature as Blake Lively. Because the last ones are brainless and annoying, while you have creativity to do something else with your life.
    What kind of spot light do you need? Take a new road. Go artistic like Jim Carrey. Go make documentaries about polar bears or child abuse. Go finance a super cool project mixing fashion and sustainability. Go to the Himalayans.
    Either that, or go for the gold and leak a sex tape with Mel Gibson.

  3. Kady

    From here she looks starved. Just sayin’.

  4. kingofbeer

    rise of the super humans!

    i for one welcome our new overlord !

  5. realist

    c’mon, ashton’s mom – show a little modesty

  6. Robert

    I hate her voice. I finally saw one of her movies and she sounds like Louis Armstrong, Oscar the Grouch and Janice Joplin’s threesome love child.

  7. MrsWrong

    “These damn Jitterbugs”

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