1. i can hear leann rimes purging from here.

  2. juicyfruit

    She used to be rockin! So not hot. Girl, eat a cheeseburger.

  3. TGNY

    Its the crypt keeper!!

  4. Rob

    She exists only in two dimensions.

  5. Dave Mustaine

    Don’t complain. Less of her is a lot better.

  6. blah

    She’s probably depressed as fuck. You people are douchebags, have a little empathy for fuck’s sake.

  7. Sophie

    Be nice, she’s losing weight because she’s stressed about her trashed marriage. Some people eat way too much when they’re depressed or stressed and some people don’t eat at all.

  8. It’s been almost 70 years. I think it’s time we stopped showering all these makeovers, expensive clothing, and movie premieres on the survivors of Auschwitz.

  9. bigfoot's dick

    she’s clearly a witch. first, friends with madonna, now projecting her wants and needs on posters at events she attends.

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