1. Shooter

    She’s a Bengal. Nice uniform, ugly helmet.

  2. Stucco

    So you are saying she has genetic pre-disposition for plastic surgery?

  3. sprezzatura

    You know there are people out in East India who have no chins tonight.

  4. Chinny

    Oh tits, is there any problem you can’t solve?

  5. AlexK

    Holy hell. If she dressed like that more often I could possibly overlook the fact that she looks like Bruce Willis with hair.

    • zebop

      I probably should clean my glasses. I thought she looked like Bruce Willis with tits.

      34 PICS of this pre-op tranny? Seriously?

  6. yeah her Dad didn’t do her Chin any favors but U Know what she is Sexy and if she can find the right Look for her features she’ll do well in finding herself.

  7. As long as she doesn’t have a bush like her mama I’d do some illegal things to her.

  8. KC

    Bruce Willis has nice tits.

  9. Tom

    She should grow a beard.

  10. HeavyMetalAngel4

    These are actually pictures of Heidi Montag. The red wig was supposed to throw off the pop. before she got her face done.

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