1. Dude of Dudes

    What does that tattoo on her arm say? “Objects in mirror may be uglier than they appear?”

  2. She Has a Bangin’ Sexy BoD and Soft Pale Skin~ U LiL Boys out in LA R so Trifling!

  3. HRO

    OMG – look gud BB!

  4. she actually looks nice from this angle.

  5. Soupofdefish

    I’d ride that forever and a day. Nice bangin tits and that pink skin, damn i’m horny as mofo……

  6. Fred

    She looks like Bruce Willis with long hair and tits…Ugh!

  7. First photo Ive seen of her in years, still has the Bruce face but its better than the last time I seen her. Curious to know if those are real and she takes after mommy or she just another walking plastic piece?

  8. A.J.

    Those look too good to be plastic… they look milky good!
    (can’t believe I’d ever say that about Rumor willis)

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