1. june


  2. hatchetwound


  3. Carl

    She looks good. Great body.

  4. ktulu

    Sie ist chunkenien

  5. Lizzy...

    This makes me want to cut myself just to forget I ever saw it

  6. mike

    Fucking people you are mean this chick is uber hott. I mean wow girl can sing amazing and she has just gone through some tuff stuff why all the hate? Man have we really nothing better to do then to write smack about this young girl? Live and let live.

    • J.R.

      I really can’t think of anything better to do at this time. Goes well with coffee and cigarettes.

      • J.R.

        Most mean comments are basically because they will never in their life come close enough to even smell someone as hot as she is. A “jealous-type” reaction helps guard the ego.

  7. wtf bruh

    Very fuckable. Anyone who says otherwise is a typical jealous hater. She is taking the same self-shot style pix that all you self absorbed non-celeb sluts do all the time. Demi Lovato is no different. Hoochie is hoochie.

  8. Racer X

    I’d wreck that!

  9. Raerae

    Looks like Bristol Palin has been working out.

  10. Anna

    na, too fat. or not fat, just thick. or maybe not the best angle..whatever, not nice looking

  11. Jose

    To me she looks super hot and not every body likes the same so no body is going to agree if she looks good or not. Believe me girl you have hot body, many of the girls think they have to be skinny but actually they look like a walking raising. Your beautiful and what’s important is what you think.

  12. Vini

    So,she is very hot . I love her bump, hot hot…

  13. bitch on board

    wrestler!! harhar.. she’s okay i guess but if truth be told, she doesn’t look good.. bangable, maybe, but hot? nah. selena’s the one who’s got the bod :)

  14. Kevin

    Ela é perfeita de qualquer jeito.Eu AMO a Demi Lovato

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