1. stars?

    Stars on the full size version? Booo.

  2. melisaa

    wth????? she has a nice ass deal with it shes not a child nd shes not naked she can wear that kind of bathing suit y talk soo much shit forr

  3. fockupman

    i think i saw wrinkles on her fat ass

  4. DemiFan

    it was just an accident. Bikini bottoms dont stay in place well when ur in the ocean. Demi is a wonderful person. We should RESPECT her. Shes just being a normal teen.

  5. DemiFan

    it was an accident. bikini bottoms dont stay in place well in the rough ocean waves. she is a wonderful person. we should respect her. she is just being a normal teen and she is beautiful.

  6. How do you view without the stars

  7. Biggie

    No Star Is Needed !!!

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