1. sunshine

    Got quite the case of “butt munch”, doesn’t she?

  2. pervertido

    Ummm, I clicked on “full size” and couldn’t see her butt crack without the star. Could you hurry up and fix this? I’m on lunch break and want to rub one out. Thanks so much!

  3. Typical sucks dick

    Typical…oh yes your women are very classy. In fact i watched a video of an Asian girl taking a shit on some chick’s chest last night then she turned around and ate it. Yes, she ATE her OWN FECES! Thats fucking classy! Where can i get a girl that does that? Oh thats right, China, Japan, Malaysia.

  4. Justin Bieber

    Yo, I already hit that ASS and it was good :)

  5. dee

    did no one else notice the bruise on her butt???

  6. Heyyy

    She’s got a really nice ass.

    The commentary on this page is utterly hilarious, btw.

  7. She’s got a really nice ass…

    The commentary on this page is utterly hilarious, btw. Internet aggression is great entertainment. lol

  8. letsbereal

    If you really don’t want to see her ass then I would suggest you not look at it. People put way to much pressure on GIRLS that are famous. I’ve seen plenty of girls Demi’s age and YOUNGER wearing bikinis and one peices worse than that. Another thing, it’s hard to find a bikini that actually fits top and bottom. If the person has small boobs and a big ass or big boobs and a small ass there is rarely a bikini that fits both top and bottom. I mean they can find something that covers they’re ass but most shorts are granny shorts and no one wants to go out looking like they’re wearing sweats when they’re cruising on the beach. I would know because I can never find a bikini that fits both top and bottom seeing that my butt is bigger than most women that have natural butts so I just deal with it the bikini bottoms that come with them because no one should look at my ass unless they’re enjoying the view or wanna joke on me because of their own insecurities. But I understand that you wish she was more conservative but some people feel sexy or just find the bikini cute to wear on the beach. Miley on the other hand……

  9. sith

    If you enlarge the pic and clear up the blur, that bruise on her ass is actually a tattoo of Joe Jonas’ face.

  10. That just looks uncomfortable.

  11. Lovatic

    Lady boner…Because of that precious ass!

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