1. MoozBoy

    God damn and what a nice ass, I’d destroy her in the sack!

  2. Chris

    great bod, could have a lot of fun with that, then i look at her face and see the immaturity and say wow, she is only 17 still a kid. It kinda creeps me out looking at a high school kids as crack

  3. Typical sucks dick

    The heavy girl in pic 5 is her little sister dipshits.

  4. Bowsa

    If you dont want that after seeing that amazing ass, you’re pretty much gay. Get your rainbow bumper stickers!

  5. ali


  6. The Matador

    I’d tongue fuck her ass … for hours.

  7. bill

    holy shit she has a nice ass

  8. Tim

    Too bad she has no tits…

  9. :|

    ohh my god, seriously why does it only matter when a famous person wears stuff thats too small, it happeneds to everyone they don’t mean it, ffs it piss’s me off.
    and all you guys, you’re all pervs with no lives your all disgusting

  10. Sara

    whos that fat bitch in front of her gross… Demi has a ncie body she is pretty..

  11. no matter what mann demi lovato she’s still H0T and SEXXY B4 And N0W!!!! lol hahahaa

  12. steaphanie

    look u guys nobody will want to see your ass either so stop saying bad things about demi cause when u do bad things it will end up biteing u back on the stupid ass of your body

  13. steaphanie

    u better keep your damm ass mouths shut so shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. steaphanie

    if i ever catch u guys still saying bad things about demi i will whoop your ass.

  15. steaphanie

    no matter what u say shell still be as beutiful like everybody else

  16. Demi is a goddess

    Very stunning…everything about Demi is perfect…Women are suppose to look like this!!!

  17. PervyGuy

    So what if we are pervs? We are guys, we can’t stop ourselves from acting this way. If we see a girl with a nice butt and good breasts of course the perv in us is going to come out.

  18. sith

    OMG! Now I need 8 hours of sleep.

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