1. shemp

    goddamn. those are some nice hips in pic #4…

  2. bunny*

    omg she got an nice body… out of all the disney stars she got the best body

  3. catherine

    now for those calling demi lovato fat i am going to assume you look like paris hillton. i am from africa and let me tell you this is healthy and normal. i looked like like this at her age and my body is just like hers. if you look at most pear shaped figured girls they mostly come with small breasts and rounder at the bottom. like for instance some Brazilians. this girl is fine and sexy. i love the fact that she is not slimming herself to death and enjoying her wait.
    the upper part is small and the lower is rounder what are you saying that her body is not proportioned. leave her alone and stop calling her names how would you feel in her shoes, and do not give me crap that ” i probably would go on a diet” not all people think like that. my bet is you bully people coz of their weight. look at beyonce, shakira. kim kardshian. jennifer love hewitt.

  4. nicole

    her tattoo is pretty cool is says “you make me beautiful”

  5. mike

    Sheeeeiiit!! Demi is AS FINE AND LOVELY AS A WOMAN CAN EVER BE!!” Those of you who actually think this near perfect example of just how a ‘REAL WOMAN” IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE think she is fat, all I can say is YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR STUPID HEAD!!To be a skinny rail is NOT ATTRACTIVE IN THE LEAST and so sad and sick is the image that’s portrayed that a woman should be skinny as a damn bone!! The one unattractive thing about her is that silly tattoo! Take it from me all you young women…. A tattoo is UGLY and on a woman it’s very ugly and makes even the hottest gal look like a cheap ass tramp!! I hope Miss Lovato will allow herself to simply be a woman and those that want to say she’s fat well, I say go ahead Demi and tell em to lean down and KISS THAT SUPER SWEET LIL ASS OF YOURS WHILE YOU RIP LOOSE WITH A NOSE CURLING, KNEE WOBBLING, TEAR JERKING AND FEROCIOUS FAAAARRRRRTTTT FOR THEM TO HUFF AND WHIFFFF IN LIKE IT’S THE MOST DARLING SCENT THEY EVER SOAKED UP BY WAY OF YER CUTE LITTLE TAILPIPE BABY!!! lmao

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