1. Michael G.

    hmmm…clicked on “view full size”….star still there…..worked with the other pictures fine, aka Kim Kardashians Nipple….

  2. cb

    how do you get the f’ing star off!!!!!!!!

  3. Mcfeely Smackup

    you get the f’ing star off by finding the pictures on a different website that isn’t 100% devoted to trying to trick you into as many mouse clicks as possible to sell ad impressions.

  4. Bowsa

    Who is letting these girls get tattoos under their breasts?? Wouldnt they have to be topless to get these tattoos and get felt up by some scummy guy while getting one? Yeesh. I’ll pass. I hope Selena Gomez doesnt go this route.

    • Tom

      So what? Doesn’t the doctor touches your vagina if you got problems? ( from the inside and outside )
      Damn American prudery

      Demi Lovato is hot … basta! ^^

  5. Tom

    btw: Why is the ass crack censored …. stupid?

  6. Joshua

    I wonder if she knows that an IQ of 105 is pretty average in America. Hell, I had an IQ of 99 when I was 10. But for a Chinese person, an IQ of 105 makes you pretty stupid. Hell, even in England, an IQ of 105 is below average.

  7. Tuna Fish

    This whole board was trolled by Typical like a pro. You all really need to learn how to message board

  8. lulz

    Typical eats dogs.

  9. PervyGuy

    fucking star.

  10. duder

    Yes, fish doesn’t believe in boobs any more. Which is odd because he has turned into a pussy.

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