1. Eddy

    I think the laws should change. Most kids start being sexually active at 13-14 as opposed to the usual age 16…i remember how freshmen in high school were literally fucking around with seniors and college kids…so why do we stick to prudish laws? I mean i understand we should protect minors, but i think they’re old enough to know what’s right and wrong and should simply do whatever the heck they want in regards to their sexual life.

  2. Leon

    How disappointing, been following for a long time without commenting and I hate that my first comment has to be in regards to the crappy new layout you have where all the “NSFW” pics remain starred :(
    So what? It’s an ass. You’re allowed to show a baby’s ass in a diaper ad no problem, but god help you if you show a 17 year-old’s semi-bare ass on the beach while being a dirty disney whore.

  3. 100 dong

    I would do her 18-in-60-days ass and take my chances. In some states, I would be considered a hero of the people!

  4. Z

    It’s funny whenever you say “click on full size for NSFW versions” I always do and yet I always get that fucking pink star still there the stuff I WANT TO SEE >_>

  5. one legged

    i wish i sold yay…
    then i could just say -do you party?- to all dumb girls who want to be as famous as lindsay.. and other than chins, some of these jew girls can look ok.. and demi has always been ok for any other person ever.. yes .. america has more jews than israel.. anyone who wants fame, is so dumb.

  6. Randal(l)

    Crap, now I’m a pedophile. Thanks thesupericial.


  7. D

    This new layout sucks. sucks. sucks. sucks.

  8. Sil

    Why da fuck did they change the layout? This version sucks the big one….and NOT in a good way. The Superficial has let us down…the fucker went corporate…..

  9. unrepresentative

    @Typical, you need to wake up. I’m actually surprised you made it to university in England (let’s hope it’s not through non-academic means), and like @susieq, i’m also an Asian Chinese girl and i am utterly ashamed of you for misrepresenting our views. Even though you might have grown up in a somewhat homogeneous society, it still gives you no right to socially classify Mexicans, Blacks, Americans etc and place Chinese at the top. This isn’t self-bashing, this is decent respect for other cultures/races etc, and especially since you study in England you must interact with several other cultures/races and count yourself lucky that you are in a position to be exposed to the international community, this mindset honestly wouldn’t serve you very well. At all.
    I hope there aren’t many of you in Taiwan because if the next generation of leaders were to be like you, I’d be very worried.

    @not typical, returning extreme racism with extreme racism isn’t the solution.

    On another note, that was very unsightly of Demi but we should be thankful she hasn’t ran the other end of the sleazy spectrum, and she’s a vocal powerhouse (if you listen for her vocal range), and well the looks don’t make the man (or woman)!

  10. dickspitz

    OMFG! I’d take Demi back to my cabana just to lick the salt out of her ass crack!

  11. JJ

    man i wanna do this chick so bad

  12. dayna

    Ok people enough with the loser race fighting bullshit and get back to staring at a nice young piece of ass =P

  13. rebecca

    are you serious?
    she isn’t a dirty whore. she’s not trying to show her ass.
    it’s called picking a wedgie. we have all done it before.
    either that, she’s getting sand out of her bathing suit.
    like cmon now.

    • rebecca

      my bad lol i didn’t see the other pictures..but like..guys, she’s growing into a women now. have yuo seen all the other girls around?
      she’s an amazing person and i’m glad she feels comfortable enough to show her body. because shes beautiful!

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