1. AteIsEnough

    And these are newsworthy why????

  2. looooook

    too much push up bra action on small boobies !!!!!!!!

  3. Karin

    strange ridiculous too high tits she have! her tits begin right under her chin, Looks very stupid! ore she have pushed her bra too high up????? what an Muppet! :D

  4. Lex

    its quite obvious shes trying to hard.
    and sucking it in as well, you can see her ribs, those bumps, under her boobs.

  5. Hehe

    Ugh….She Needs To Stop Trying To B To Old..She Looks 30+..Shes Succeded, I WAS A Fan A Untill She Became A Hoe..All Well I Guess Ill Move On To Selena Haha

  6. uwish

    eat a burger demi

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