1. I'm Obama and I approve

    I would soil her…

  2. looooook

    she looks like a mask !

  3. Blech


  4. Blech

    Eh, she looks like any Jersey girl walking down the street. And I wouldn’t consider acting in a kids’ show like “Sonny with a Chance” acting.

  5. VI$h Mfreak

    Hey ! u all just leave her .. this is her life and she anything do what ever she want…. u all just have to understand…now she is adult and have a feelings like we had… so she looks good in all photos…

  6. Teet

    I think all this talk has gotten way out of hand, at the end of the day she is a normal teenage girl, if she wasn’t a star she would be acting silly and goofing off, I personally think she is a wonderful, beautiful and talented young lady!!! Give it up people!!!

  7. Ivy

    um whats so bad about the pictures of her in the dress? her makeup her look her hair her dress? i seen dresses that show a LOT gosh shes just 18 and she can do whatever she wants shes an adult i have neighbors who are like 13-15 that do worst things than that (and im a kid so yes i stay away from them) and no one even cares why do you guys care if she does gross pictures just cause shes famous? NOBODIES PERFECT WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES WERE NOT SOME PERFECT ROBOT THAT DOES EVERYTHING RIGHT gosh you guys are so dumb sometimes AND YES IM STAYING BY HER SIDE IM JUST IGNORING ALL THE THINGS SHE DID WRONG CAUSE THAT WAS THE PAST NOT THE PRESENT

    • Me

      you are so right any teen would take silly pics but just because she’s a star she is treated differently, why?

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