1. Mark

    I pretty much want her.

  2. anon

    she looks fucking 40. hell no. i’ll take selena gomez or icarly any day of the week over her.

    • Aaron Mclaughlin

      40, you say 40!!! look at the sources. she is beautiful. How about the lovely Hot Miranda Cosgrove from the Elene John’s Oscar Viewing

  3. borf


  4. looooook

    at those arms!!!!!!

  5. Asimat Bagatov

    I’d pound that now that it’s legal…

  6. Abby

    so much for the innocent girl that i thought she was, but selena is so much more responsible and innocent

    • Marleny

      We used to think Demi was innocent, too, remember? She still is, she just made a bad choice to take those pictures, especially with that attention whore, Alex.

    • DS

      That’s exactly why now’s the best time to pound her!!! It’s legal, with BIG titties and juicy!!!

  7. gothic babe

    wow she actually look’s pretty damn comtfortable maybe all she needed was a girl

    • DS

      Doesn’t she have Selena? They would do good in a girl/girl video. It’s too bad they won’t kick Disney and go into hard core porno. It’s the perfect time for them now…

  8. Rica

    People make it seem liek she’s flashing a Tit or something. SMH People overreact over the dumbest things. Yes, there are disney stars but there “teenagers” first!

  9. Dick Stiffington

    Mmmmm BOOBIES

  10. Dick Stiffington

    Correction: CRAZY boobies

  11. Karin

    She thinks she mast behave like a porno bimbo? lik women and let them touch her tits and ass, to act like a lesbian is IN she thinks? ore…

    Selena don’t take porno movies so seriously oke? you don’t have to act like that. you give a wrong picture about all women’s and girls , you very pity!

  12. OAO;;

    I swear oAo she’s gotten fat

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