1. Robot

    I approve.

    • Anita Bonghit

      Me too, but she really should have shaved if she was planning this…

      • Chloe

        She Must Have Known There Were Gonna Be Rumours I Mean Like Come On!
        I Used To Like This Girl At First she Was All “Squeaky Clean”
        And now “Sex pics” ?? I Have Nothing Against Her I Actually Liked Her But Now Yet Again Shes Doing Something Waaay Out Of Her League, I Just Don`t Know How Many Things Shes Going To Do , Already Fans are Backing Away, Saying Things Like “I Never Thought She Stoop This Low =(” “I Liked Her But Now..Im Not Sure” I Mean Did She Think About The Fans Reactions? About Letting The Young Fans Down? What Did She Intend By These Pictures? I Mean some Of You Might Say “Oh Flippin God, Its Only A Picture plus Shes Not Doing It Down All The Way So Wat You Guys Makin It Big For?”
        Not Big, Just Way Out Of Her League Its Actually Quite Surprising , I Mean Some Of Us Saw It Coming , Others Just Stare In Shock Now ..
        But To Get To The Point Its Not Big , Its Just A Surprise Of How Low Shes Going And I Guess Thats The Effect On Her Fans So If Your A Type Of Fan Who Disagrees And Thinks Its Fake You Actually Might Wanna Analyse This Picture More Carefully & Actually Think It Through…

      • John

        Btw that’s not hair. Go look at the other pic. It’s just a shadow or something.

      • Robby

        im missing the supposed hair apparently lol

    • Demi is amazing. Everyone on here making fun of her are jelous. Get a life

      • music lova

        ikr i mean i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her she is even more than amazing in school i fight for her while everyone sais she is like s@*t and they really need to get a life!

    • pila

      for sure….when did demi get so damn hot anyway!??!?!?!?!?!?

    • Hehe

      I Actully…..Dnt Understand Whats Wrong With This Picture..??… I Mean We’ve All Done Something Stupid With Friends At One Point Havnt We, I Approve As Well :)

    • hello

      look at the guy in the back his face is epic

  2. Concurrance

    As do I.

  3. Ozymandias

    And I!

  4. Elle

    That guy is hilarious. Was he shopped in?

  5. Chandler

    Isn’t that the Paramore chick with the bright orange hair?

  6. mr. t


  7. Drundel


  8. GravyLeg

    There be a young man with severe blue balls…

  9. Rambo

    Is that Haley from Paramore with the bright hair next to her?

  10. Shae

    Guy in background = most awesome photobomber, ever.

  11. Brettmucker

    Photoleaking is the new face book for attention whores!?

  12. Jessica

    Uhh.. theres pics of Ke$ha getting her vag licked and this is the very best of Demi anyone can get? The same amount of skin shown is in both her “leaked” and her red carpet pics?! This is lame and weak.

  13. Dan

    Yeah Demi is looking great. But this photo is all about the PHOTO BOMB. A+ my friend.

  14. Jackie

    Wow i can’t believe she would do something like that…she WAS my idol and i looked up to her but now idk?!?!?!?

    • John

      OH GET OVER YOURSELF. Jesus christ every teenager does something they regret. She’s not revealing any nip or flashing her vag out in public. She’s just being a teenager for once in her life. Every teenage girl will take pics like this of themselves in an effort to feel sexy. If you can’t get over that then you have some growing up to do… This isnt even that bad she shows the same amount of skin when she is on the red carpet.

      Screw you if you give up on someone you used to idolize because of a few bad pictures.

  15. Jordan

    OMG LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE! For fuck’s sakes it’s just a picture! ooh she’s flashing her cleavage SO. FUCKIN. WHAT? she has enough on her mind without all you ppl posting PRIVATE pics of her up on the net. and she’s not the nxt miley cyrus either. she has a mind of her own and will go a lot further so STOP tryin to ruin her career. i have demi’s back. and if you dont, then just leave her alone. it’s not fair to her or to her family that they’re are such disgusting pervets out there who actually want these types of photos of her on the net. Ho Nest Ly

  16. Blech

    P.S. Her career is already ruined.


  17. chuck

    what if she’s into girls, only thing that makes me sad is the guy’s lost out on that hott little lady

  18. Quazar

    The best part is that dude in the back. BWAHAHAHA!!!!

  19. maddie

    she has a hairy navel ..”the road to happiness”

  20. hi

    THAT GUY IN THE BACK IS MY IDOL. demi may look like a slut but ya kno i bet almost every girl takes a racy pic with there friends. and go ahead REPLY to this fucking comment i dont care. i mean miley smoked fucking pot. and shes like a retard. and i bet u if she wasnt famous she would still do this anyway but u people get all hyped up anyway. i still believe demi can get help and i also think selena is gnna be the best outta disney. so yeah oh and all the creepers creepin on this pic its kinda wierd so yeah. if i was 18 and her id kinda like wanna be under my bed hidding from the paparazzi. yeah i think lady gaga was right when she sang that song haha I LOVE LADY GAGA. haha im sorry i had to say tht. k bye

  21. Demon X

    Just like that short on SNL that guy just Jizz in his pants.

  22. Winnie

    Its so sad, she was like one of the most innocent disney stars and she was so sweet looking and now shes really showing a side of her none of her fans wouldhave imagined seeing. hopfully she doesnt turn out all stupid like miley. theres a bridge that shouldnt be crossed.

  23. longjohns

    wtf is this shit… how old is this girl? disgusting

  24. Austin

    Why would you take a pic like this? I mean yea she looks hotter than the sun in egypt in august, but your a kids actor and you know some backstabber would post this, so why do it in the first place?

  25. JeroenBoom

    What does it matters what she does, its her life and her choices to do this.
    everyone does something that is bad, but demi doesnt get naked in this pic liike other stars.

  26. Ido

    LoL that guy is amazing

  27. Jermaine

    COME ONE MAN! Just because she is psoing like this does not mean she is bi or lesbi for that matter! Allot of girls do this! And people should not steal or give away things like this it is not normal how rude and stupid people can be and not forgetting shalow!

  28. Jayley

    i dont think she is a lesbian but i think this is a discusting picture !!!!!!!!!!
    you can see her nipple

  29. Jayley

    Austin is right

  30. Detonathor

    Well she can’t be a Disney kid for the rest of her life. This is smart career planning. She now opens opportunities for grown-up movies for herself.

    And what’s the big deal? She’s an adult, she’s hot as lava and she’s having a good time. Now, who isn’t jealous here?

  31. Karin

    I think she is horny for her own tits, but her tits sooooo little , her tits are pushed too high up in a push up bra , het tits starts right under her chin, so high, this looks very very stupid, and unnatural.

  32. Dirty Jews

    Now, now, you dirty jews can’t be making fun of minorities. Now, now. It’s against your dirty agenda. Now, now.

  33. Drama

    Seriously people. She is an 18 year old girl in constant spot light! Get over it!! Half of you leaving comments have probably done something 10x worse. She is an 18 year old girl who likes to look Sexy hmmmm what a shock.

  34. Johnny

    She looks like some chunky rican bitch. Who the fuck is she?

    • SERIOUSLY!!! to all the people who think Demi is over wait you guys are really fucking stupid. Assholes like you guys are the ones who make people have eating disorders. Everyone on here is just jelous of Demi because she is gorgeous and all you other lame people are just losers with no life.

  35. Rosa

    She is 18 she can do whatever the hell she wants she doesn’t need approval you guys. It just a pic lots of teenage girls do that…I believe she is going to turn out to be one a the good role models of disney like christina, justin, and raven. IF you think she is like Miley you’re guys don’t understand what its like to have to be a celebrity and what its like to have people want you to he perfect nobody is perfect demi is growing and learning….I hate when people try and talk about people they don’t know all you know is what the media tells you….what are sour kids doing, is a better question

  36. Ariee

    Exactly! She’s constantly in the spotlight! TO TEENS AND PRETEENS. Girls like this are the reason teenagers get pregnant. They think they have to be this revealing to get attention. They’re becoming more infatuated with being sexy than being smart.

  37. Molly

    Shes 18 and because shes a DISNEY star so they have her trying to keep an image thats not her. Anyone 16 or older parties and thats what she did/does. Who cares?! These pictures weren’t for anyone to see but her and her friends. No one would be judging her if they werent leaked. What she does behind closed doors is her buisness, you have people who are narcs and cant keep their mouth shut, their the problem, their the instigators.

  38. Robby

    ok…to begin 2 things…one she looks good it’s sexy as if that’s never seen let’s all freak out right? haha…2 she isn’t doing even close to some othe rppl nor is she even doing clos eto what ends up on ppls facebooks and myspaces and such all the time…this is completely regular for a girl to do in a pic to have fun and think she is being sexy or she’s just messing around…glad she;s not perfec tmyself cuz if she was completely proper and everything she’d be boring and eventually wouldn’t be famous anymore jus tlike all the good guys and girls who have talent yet arent int he media except if it’s cuz theyre disney kids…oh one more thing disney stars dont get to be judged differently just cuz they happen to be on kid friendly shows so get over that fact that disney girls happen to do stuff only half as bad as regular stars

    for one, this isn’t even bad! it’s mean tto be a fun sexy picture and if thats an issue it’s because someone’s 6 yr old daughte rlikes her and has happened to see it and yes thats not ok cuz i dont want my 7 yr old sister seeing this and she likes demi but really everyone else stop bashing her for being a girl her age cuz i can show u 4 other ppl i came in contact with who did crazier/more adult rated things friday night yet nobody cares about them if they post their pics of it

    lastly, i actually wanna hang out with he rmore cuz this pic looks planned out slightly once they started taking pics cuz of how everyone is posed which means they wer ehaving fun and being a little wild sometimes is good, she seems fun…not like she is making out with multiple guys while topless or something in these pics

  39. chloe

    heres all i wanna say about this number one to everyone out there who thinks its normal to show ur breasts and try to have fun please i mean no harm or to be rude but you clearly have been taught wrong because if she was truly christian and respected herself she wouldnt even think of it i understnad she wants to have fun and it normal one day to wake feeling sexy and want to stand out in the crowd but then again imagine how disappointed her mum and dad and sister would be i love demi i have all her albums and i only listen to her music i love her and just the way she looks up at kelly clarkson thats the same way i look up at her i think she has mind blowing talent but this is no way to stand out in the crowd i do hope she gets better because she has so much to offer the world buft thats not really a good start even though its not even her fault and that red head who has a devil living in her and cant feel sympathy for this poor girl demi at least should take baby steps after this but i do still support her and beleive she will one day take over but for now as i said before baby steps love u demi 4ever

  40. rachelattack

    “that red head who has a devil living in her”?!
    1. Fake red hair
    2. No offense little girl, but if you believe that you’re an ignorant back-water hick.
    3. Capitals, commas, periods. You don’t make any sense, child.

    Was it worth the 15 minutes of mild sapphic arousal you got posing for these photos to alienate your only fanbase? You know, sheltered, idiot 12 year olds?

    The red-headed devil was the most interesting part.

  41. Kelsey

    guy in the back = best part of this picture

  42. Charlot

    Why do people keep saying a lot of girls do this??? A lot of girls have smoked drugs, a lot of girls have lost their V, a lot of girls have taken sexy pics for their BF…but ive never heard of letting your BFF put her hand inbetween your boobs while you put your tongue by her face! Ive never taken pics like these in my life, but im definitely no saint. i wont go say shes already doomed, but keep your eyes open.

  43. Me

    Well now, there’s a pedophiles wet dream…

    Minus the guy with the fuck’d face expression.

  44. reece

    this is nothing new disney starlets always end up having leaked photos on the internet so stfu and besides shes 18 and hot so who the hell are u to judge ur not god are u its only a matter of time before selena gomez does one aswell

  45. Kelly

    omg get over it ppl! she’s not actually showing anything, she’s fully covered. wahhhh yeah girls look up to her and whatever but its not like the little girls are on the internet searchign for pictures of demi, no they just watch her show and listen to her music

  46. Jasmine

    omg if she is into girl then hell more luck for me! lol haha i wouldn’t mind that! just from a girls view! but i highly Highly doubt that she is into girls!

  47. kolp

    sure photoshop

  48. Get a life

    Wow. Either it’s a “she’s a slut”, “She’s and angel”, or “every girl does this”. All I have to say is, she isn’t a slut, she’s NOT a little angel, and no not every girl does it. But just because a few people DON’T take pictures with a friend like this doesn’t mean other STRAIGHT girls don’t. I’m straight edge and I took a pic like this. But with my best friend. It was a joke. They could easily be joking around, or this could have been photoshopped.

    I really hate that people look at a simple picture and judge, when they never knew the person, fan or not have you met them in person and saw how they were when they AREN’T in front of cams? Because all the sides fans ever see is on cam, or in writing. Maybe even five minutes in person backstage or whatever. But that’s it.

    Like honestly, hate if you want to hate, love if you want to love. Either way it’s a whole bunch of tiny pixels on a screen. And I’ve never seen anything so stupid as to start hollering insults or talk shit about someone that no one knows.

    Come on people. In all honesty, you probably are more of a slut than her, weather you want to admit it or not.

    Anyways, more important things to do than mess with annoying immature people. Peace out bitches.

  49. dheue

    OMG she look like BITCHE a hot and sexy bitche

  50. alessandra

    Why demi, you were my favorite actress, yes I may be nine years old, but all the effort you put in to making me your very number 1 fan,Is gone. Why demi, just why.

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