1. Isa

    She’s not fat, just thick

  2. Crissy

    She is so pretty!!! Looks way better than most “average” women! Hah! The hags at my gym would kill to look like this!

  3. Neck Fat

    Sadly this is the best she is ever going to look. I’m sorry for your penis guys that would have liked to fantasize about this broad.

  4. ...

    she looks good! like a normal person…not some hollywood anorexic

  5. Joaquin ingles

    Hayden Pienettere, with black hair, no tits and a developing fetus.

  6. Nina

    I don’t know. Her body is definitely bangable so I don’t really understand all this hate she’s getting, BUT her face is a bit buttery.

  7. Will

    This is exactly why females in general should start ignoring the media machine and all of its bullshit. She’s thick, NOT fat and looks fine as hell. I don’t see the problem here.

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