1. The Pope

    Fat girls take note: If you show off the good parts, nobody will care about the rest.

    • Fat? and this is why so many girls have anorexia people.

      She is no where near fat at all,she´s a very natural beautify with a curvaceous feminine body.

      Since when are abs,completely round,fake looking boobs and sharp edges sexy on a woman? Since magazines and TV tell us that that´s what women are supposed to look like?

      A womans body is supposed to look soft,inviting and its supposed to bounce..it gives men something to sink their hands and teeth in to ;)

      Natural is sexy..at least when someone is intimate with a natural beauty,he wont feel like he´s putting his penis into a bucket of lego!

      • M

        I agree! As someone who’s recovered from anorexia, I commend Demi for overcoming her demons and allowing herself to be HEALTHY as well as BEAUTIFUL. Good for her.

      • thx1138

        Shut up fatty, accept that skinny girls, abs and big tits are just hotter.

    • Deeznutz

      ya she’s fat

    • TheListener

      I don’t think she’s fat. She’s got a nicely shaped body, not just in these photos, but in others. I like a girl that doesn’t look like she’s going to fall over if a good stiff breeze comes by.

  2. I meant BEAUTY..stupid cat on my keyboard!! lol.

  3. Anna

    is this sexy? looks like a man chest sort of..

  4. tflet

    Those calling her fat, you’re all f-cked. She looks amazing! She is curvy, and beautiful. A REAL woman.

  5. yowillie

    She would look great with a pearl necklace.

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