1. In Love


    The last pix looks like she has a nekked bottom

  2. soupofdefish


  3. burton

    kinda flobbly…blech.

    • jasmina

      She looks great!!!! I love her body!!!!
      She totaly doesn’t look flobbly, look at youself burton!
      You suck!!!!

  4. nick

    OMW!!!……she is so HOT!!!

  5. wowza

    if only she was facing the front

  6. What a shame. These are the young girls our children are looking up to. I dont need the girl my child looks up to flashing her naked bottom for cameras. We got enough of that crap with Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan. Why cant these Disney stars try something new for a change, and be decent human beings. I never liked Demi Lovato in the first place, and I’m glad none of my children do either.

    • Frassington T Bear

      T’aint naked if you can’t see the taint

    • Lara

      You want them to be decent human beings? Well they are. Can’t you see that’s a 18 year old girl on a holiday with her family? She’s just having fun in the water with her little sister and you think thats some kind of crime?? I know girls of my age (14 years old) who have even have a kid and she cant wear a bikini??

      • Having Fun?

        Yeah, I don’t care where she is, I agree with Cocoa, half her ass is hanging out of her bathing suit. If you’re a role model for thousands of young girls, it’s not that hard to cover up your ass, ESPECIALLY if you’re on vaca with your family. Why would your family members want to see that? It’s disgusting. Have some decency. And you can tell those 14 y/o friends of yours to sew their vags shut, because having a child at that age is a sin against humanity.

      • AyeDay

        wow. she isnt naked. She’s pulling the swim suit out so that she isnt flashing around. You’ve never got a wedgy before? and she didnt say they were her friends, shes just saying, why should this girl get bashed due to a wedgy when there are girls out there getting pregnant. She never said it was good that they were doing it.
        do us all a favor, quit preeching about stuff you have no clue about, and learn how to read.

      • richii

        aint that tha truth

  7. PAULA

    That’s what I’m saying… all this people talking about this girls when I bet you don’t even know what your kids are doing right now… You think is bad just because she is famouse, but that’s what an 18 year old girl do… Stop being ridiculous.

  8. nina

    I won’t say much at all, but you can also just say that those people who took photographs were wrong. Imagine that you are on a vacation with your family and your swimming trunks sitting between your butt. There are people to take pictures and post online. and you have not authorized it, we would have a lawsuit but celebs can’t do that because the paparazzi would say: “freedom of the press” So you would agree, but must stop to comment, she is only 18.

  9. ily demi

    omg her ass is so nice id eat her out

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