1. Thank U for a spectacular ass shot of this little cutie.

  2. soupofdefish

    Love dat ass gurl!!

  3. Jessesgirl

    Looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  4. Ed

    Her sister has a gut.

    Demi is hot though. What a bod. Superficial is leaving out the picture where she picks her wedgie out, and you can see half of her ass. She has a sweet tush. I’m not an ass guy.

  5. Willy Wonka

    I wanna fuck the fat kid next to her!

  6. pooter

    Hot, so hot
    I watch her show and save it in my MMB for later

  7. Olliver Twisted

    I’d nail that ass! Her ass cheeks are perfect. Take her from behind and watch those ass cheeks ripple!!!!

  8. Yep


  9. Yep


  10. ilu

    Nice body!

  11. Can we find one Disney teenaged star who doesnt want to be a big ol’ hoochie & slut these days? I swear, there’s no hope for the youth of today if this is the type of person they have to look up to. Demi, we dont need another Miley Cyrus. One is too many as it is.

  12. Drundel

    Soft and doughy.

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