1. Derek

    If she did have an eating disorder, that’s a shame… Her cute ass would surely be one of the first things to go.

  2. soupofdefish

    I gotta get me some of that!!

  3. Jessesgirl

    Wow what does she eat to get this fat? Must be like 6000 calories per day.

    • The Listener

      I guess you’re joking or being sarcastic. I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with this girl’s body. (Except I’m not a fan of tattoos and she’s got one under her right breast.)

    • caroline

      ok, do you have EYES? i understand you not liking her, im not a fan of her either but saying she’s fat when she’s clearly NOT is ridiculous.
      she has beautiful womanly curves, something most american women don’t have and secretly would kill to have

  4. webstarrox

    demi lovato is too skinny she mades to put some weight on

  5. Nick

    Man the one’s who taken these pictures are losers and speciali the last one
    come on man when are the embarrassing pictures gonna stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sarah

    She’s normal sized. Not too thin, not too big. And really quite sexy. Seriously.

  7. Felix

    She is very good looking and she has a very nice smile.

  8. dude with brains

    she has an awesome butt.

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