1. PtC

    She actually has a little waist, but those thighs…jesus

  2. DKK

    Nice ass!

  3. little turtle head

    She has a smoking hot body!!!! Deena you ready to make babies?? – says my cock…

  4. Jerry Falwell

    I’m not a fan of this bunch of morons, but if I was sitting on a beach and she walked by looking like that, I’d have my eyes planted on her.

  5. Chubby Chaser

    Her face isn’t that great, and she is obnoxious, but to be honest, I love her body. I like a little extra on them like that, and I would be happy to take the flesh boat to tuna town with her.

  6. Double D

    Hulk smash!

  7. BlackGuysTHoughts

    Say what you want about her face or the way she acts on the show but, come on, lets be real. If anyone of her saw her in the mall we would take a long look at that ass and think about hitting it. I’m not going to front, her body works for me. Great ‘regular woman’ body. And she could be very nice for all I know. everybody can’t be 87 pound Miley Cyrus. Some women actually eat food

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