1. Cock Dr

    Paris always looks happiest when she’s in a club, the focus of attention & wasted on X.

  2. whatever dogg

    I don’t get it, she actually looks attractive in these pics. How the hell?

  3. Polk

    Raving on X is fun when you 18. When you are 30, this is kind of pathetic.

  4. welldoneson

    She’s cute, rich, in shape, and nice.

    So naturally the media are all over her like bees on ice cream.

    • Ricky

      Actually, I agree with welldoneson. Paris Hilton is hot, rich and sexy. I don’t care what haters say. I will do her in a heart beat (wearing a condom of course).

  5. richie

    And now…on the main stage…won’t you make her feel welcome and give it up for…Paris!

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