1. burton

    most older women are ready to move on after 40 anyways, they want a new life and to do new things, guys, and life experiences…its not always about looks, not everyone is that vain or superficial. After years of being with the same guy some women want to try something new, a you know what some men like women with mature faces and looks, not every guy wants a baby faced woman to fuck…its true. I myself like the look of an older woman over a 30 year old or younger, im 43 years old and my wife is 37, I think she is hot and maybe she doesnt have the body she did at 20…but then who does??? gravity is part of aging, get over it. all the pretty ones will be old too.

  2. Franksinatrastein

    To quote Courtney’s on-screen brother:


  3. Ashley

    Anyone else think that girl looks like Megan Fox?

  4. Mary

    Whoa, i totally thought this was Megan Fox, which is a good thing!!

  5. modelburnbook

    holy shit, yeah i thought that was megan fox too.

  6. kingofbeer

    Score! /hifive

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