1. Nice. She grew up pretty. She always was cute.

  2. just say'n

    Her grimace tells me someone behind her is streching her ballon knot.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    I see Paris, I see France.

  4. I_Licked_Dakotas_Fanny

    @ just say’n
    Or she is really clenching said (George Takei voice) “Balloon Knot” so her butt plug doesn’t fall out in front of the Papps.

    DF: Come on cheeks…Come on. Pl-ea-se star….unnhh… st-ay ta-hite. Oh for the luv of Carnie Wilson. It’s inching out. Got….to……try…to…..errrrrrghfff…….suck…it…bac…..Oh No!!

    Pappos: Heya! vat jes fall ewwt of her vittle shet peep? Sew fust wif me gamora. Mest gat zee phutu of zee ploog. It full to zee groond. Look hare. It do has a teeny poopsy on it!

  5. Ollie

    Crossing her legs after a massive fishy smelling queef.

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