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Lady Victoria Hervey Forgot Where She Parked Her Boat

Will somebody please tell Lady Victoria that she arrived in Saint Tropez by plane… More »

Things You Can Do While Justin Bieber Finds God

Who knows how long he’ll be gone for, you guys… I think it’s time to start exploring other hobbies and syrup brands. More »

Lindsay Lohan Playing With Big Balls and Drinking Rosé as The World Burns

Lindsay Lohan is still in Greece doing God’s work trying to come up with a way to make her big comeback. More »

Charlize Theron Will Break Her Own Teeth While Kicking Your Ass

Charlize Theron trained so hard for Atomic Blonde that she cracked a couple teeth and now her dentists are getting all the glory. More »

5th Doctor Peter Davidson Thinks Dr. Who Is Just For Boys, I Guess

I don’t usually support a 66-year-old man looking out for young boys, but this guy is being unfairly taken out of context. More »

Let’s Watch Emperor Hogbody Energize The Youth Real Quick

Trump telling a bunch of kids about how much Obama sucked, how he’ll save Christmas, and how money buys you boats n’ hoes was a blatant rip off of my dunk uncle Frank’s 2009 Thanksgiving speech. More »

If You Give Charlie Riina 138 Water She’ll Take Her Top Off

I come bearing gifts! More »

Unsolved Mysteries: What Happened to Supermodel Taylor Hill’s Butt?

Nothing says “I got really drunk and fell over last night” like a giant purple bruise on your ass. More »

Jake Paul: America’s Most Punchable Bro

The Internet creates a lot of monsters, Jake Paul is just the most guidance counselor-friendly right now. More »

Scott Disick Is Still A Real Disick Head

“You guys are crazy, I’m not addicted to sex I just mumph fumpf mumf…” – Scott Disick as he shoves his face between a stripper’s buttcheeks. More »

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