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Reality TV Lady Banged Her Son’s 15-Year-Old Buddy

I wonder how she’d fare on ‘Survivor: Sex Offender Island.’ More »

Mariah Isn’t a Diva at All, Guys! FOR SRSLY!

She ate Chinese food once WITHOUT golden chop sticks, so you can shove your notions of Mariah being a pampered slug-beast up your keister! More »

Trump Drains Paper Towel Buzzer Beater in Puerto Rico

President Trump went down to Puerto Rico to pretend he gives a shit and throw paper towels around a room like Steph Curry. He also thinks Curry comes from Puerto Rico. Ya gotta love ‘em! More »

Nobody Wants to Rent to Justin Bieber (Because He’s A Dick)

Homeowners in Beverly Hills have been stonewalling the Maplechrist from renting their lavish properties in fear that he’ll spill too much cranberry juice on their kashmir carpets. That’s what he drinks, right? Cranberry juice? I don’t know. More »

STFU About Guns, Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly is chalking up the Vegas shooting as “the price of freedom” because he’s that much of an asshole. More »

Katie Salmon Advertising a Spa for Strippers or Something

The advertising world is a strange place. The kind of place where you can use near-naked reality TV stars to sell deep tissue massages. More »

Real Life Badasses Are Calling Dan Bilzerian a Pussy

Wannabe tough guy and stripper connoisseur Dan Bilzerian is getting backlash for acting like a bitch during the Vegas shooting. He kind of deserves it. More »

Someone Is Farting on Lamar Odom’s Lap

Could this be his new girlfriend?? More »

Ah Shit, We’re Losing Tom Petty

Tom Petty just died. God damn it… today sucks. More »

Amber Rose Did Her SlutWalk Thing Again

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna went on a walk this past weekend… for sluts. More »

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