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I Guess Macaulay Culkin Is a Wrestler Now, That’s Neat

At least he isn’t going down the same road as that one child star (who will remain unnamed) that is currently selling her body to a giant Korean man. More »

Farrah Abraham Is a Really Good Mom, Guys Srsly

You’re going to want to take a shower/walk through an industrial strength decontamination chamber after this gallery. More »

The FCC is Gutting Net Neutrality. Here are Some Breasts.

Better get it in now before your ISP starts billing you every time you want to see if Chrissy Teigen’s pregnant milkbags are leaking or not… More »

Hailey Baldwin Did an Underwear Workout Video Too

Hailey Baldwin was featured in today’s LOVE Advent Calendar video which is a series that should be retitled “hot models working out in lingerie.” More »

Blac Chyna Thinks People Still Want to See Her Spinoff Series

Somewhere Kris Jenner is watching her through a crystal ball, maniacally laughing and hissing like a snake. More »

The Rock Was Set in Stone

To anyone that says, “well the Walk of Fame is technically made of terrazzo,” shut up. Just, shut up. It’s a great headline. More »

Morgan Spurlock Outs Himself for Sexual Misconduct

“Hey everybody, just a heads up — I’ve been a piece of shit to women since college because my dad hated my mom… just gonna throw that out there before someone beats me to it.” More »

Why Is Kirsten Dunst Touching Her Belly Like Tha— OH MY GOD THERE’S SOMETHING INSIDE HER!

I don’t know what actually happens during pregnancy because I’m an emotionally stunted manchild. Can you tell? More »

Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Is Coming for Christmas

Considering the guy still believes in Santa Claus, this is really exciting for him. More »

Someone Left a Door Open, Nick Nolte Got Out

I’ve got a guy in my neighborhood who walks around mumbling to himself about sleeping with aliens. I feel like Nick Nolte is Malibu’s version of that. More »

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