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Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Rode The Big Boy Rides At The Fair

Kourtney took her boyfriend to the fair last weekend and he had a very special time! More »

Is John Legend Being Held Against His Will?

Chrissy Teigen recalls the time her husband tried to break up with her… John Legend recalls the moment he realized he was trapped for life. More »

Melody Milani Doing Bikini Things and Other News

“Should we tell her that she’s pouring water into the wind?”

“Hell no, this is great stuff…” More »

Kim Kardashian Is Talking About Feminism… Oh Shit.

Madame Buttqueen says that while she doesn’t consider herself a feminist, she does do more than most feminists… when she sells pictures of her butt for money. More »

Corinne Olympios: Fake Level ‘EWW’

Paparazzi scored footage of Bachelor in Paradise party girl Corinne Olympios reuniting with DeMario Jackson in a parking lot and it makes me feel really yucky to watch someone so disingenuous so I’m just gonna take a shower. More »

Paul Anka Is A Crotchety Old Gangsta

Paul Anka don’t play unless you pay, especially those money grubbing charity organizations that are trying to throw him a bone. More »

Josephine Skriver Can Probably Beat You Up and Other News

Here we have Victoria’s Secret angel Josephine Skriver doing her best Melania Trump impersonation… More »

Let Me Check… Yep, The Duggars Are Still Fertile

Joy Anna Duggar has announced she’s broiling another Duggar baby in her vagina oven. That’s how kids are made right? More »

Tomi Lahren Is Going To FOX News… Surprised?

She’s like the lady version of Bill O’Reilly… only less handsy and more racist. More »

Real Clowns Are Pissed At Stephen King… I Wonder Why

Hearing a bunch of clowns complaining that Stephen King’s It is causing them to lose business makes me want to honk a bycicle horn and drive off a cliff in a tiny car. More »

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