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Is It Free Speech to Be a Dick? Shia LaBeouf Thinks So.

If a white supremacist can get away with it, then calling a bowling alley bartender a “f***ing racist” for not serving you french fries is technically free speech too, I guess… More »

Nicki Minaj’s Reclusive Nipple Briefly Emerges From Hiding

It peeked it’s head out and went back into her shirt. Unfortunately this means we should expect another six weeks of having to hear about Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’agostino’s divorce. More »

Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Have a Problem With Kanye’s Finances at All, Guys

**Slides a mid-nuptual agreement into his DM*** More »

Ben Affleck Is Back on the Sauce, I Guess

Looks like batman over the whole ‘rehab for drinkin’ thing and back to tippin’ back Sam Adams Bahston Lawgahs. More »

Hurricane Maria Ruined Melissa Joan Hart’s Vacation

While Puerto Rico remains without power and the death toll climbs by the minute, let’s take a minute to feel sorry for Melissa Joan Hart and her cancelled plans to the Caribbean. More »

Olympia Valance Topless, Anyone?

Olympia Valance swimming topless isn’t necessarily photo evidence of Bigfoot, but it’s quite the scientific discovery nonetheless. More »

Ah Shit, Ariel Winter’s Mom is on TV

Ariel’s mom is getting paid by Inside Edition to go on TV and talk shit about how slutty her daughter is… what the fuck is wrong with you 2017? More »

For Every Song You Download, Liam Gallagher Has to Make His Own Tea

“You’re pulling the earl gray right out of my fucking mouth!” — The cantankerous Englishman More »

The New Punisher Trailer is Like STOMP With Guns

Netflix’s new Punisher trailer is actually impressive; though, it’s set to Metallica and doesn’t make you wonder why you spent $75 to watch people play drums on trash cans. More »

Alicia Vikander’s Lara Croft Can Jump Really Far

Seriously, this new trailer is just her jumping off of shit/on to shit/out of shit. It’s like somebody used a low-gravity cheat code or something. More »

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