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Miles Teller’s Girlfriend Brought Her Boobs to A Beach and Other News

Whats the over/under on whether or not Miles Teller used girlfriend Keleigh Sperry’s chest to practice drums in preparation for Whiplash? More »

Paris Jackson Has Pierced Nipples If That Does Anything For You

Paris Jackson is learning from the best on how to be a successful model in Hollywood after adopting this whole “get your picture taken braless as much as possible” strategy to boost exposure. More »

Drunk Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested Again Last Weekend

Apparently Shia lost his shit after some bystanders didn’t have a spare “bogie” to bum. Lesson learned: If Shia asks you for a cigarette after midnight, he’s about to turn into a booze gremlin. More »

Elle Evans Doing Bikini Things With Matt Bellamy on A Giant Yacht

Props to Elle Evans for being able to take off with her rockstar boyfriend and go jetskiing in St. Tropez while I cool off in this backyard baby pool of content. *Cracks a Fresca*

“Cut the water off, Frank- she’s overflowing!” More »

Blac Chyna Dyed Her Hair Unicorn to Really Stick It to Rob, Guys

She’s pulling a Gandalf and changing color after she fell down that Instagram hole with a fire-breathing Rob “Blob” Kardashian. More »

Who Gave Lena Dunham A Dog In The First Place?

Spoiler alert: It was the dog/shelter’s fault she couldn’t keep it because eeevverryybodyy hates poor Lena! More »

Frankie Gaff Doing Bikini Things

Here we have Frankie Gaff from Made in Chelsea, which I guess is like the U.K. version of Real World but everyone is rich and snotty? Sounds very… original. More »

Brad Pitt Probably Banged Sienna Miller In A Winnebago

You know what they say, “when the ‘bago is a-rockin, don’t let any paparazzi nearby or else they’ll find out how much you love feet.” More »

Andrew Garfield Isn’t Gay for Anything But Acting

So he watched a lot of Drag Race while preparing for a role as a gay man, that doesn’t mean anything. Would people say he was in the closet if he suddenly binge watched all the Mission Impossible movies? More »

Alessandra Ambrosio Doing Bikini Things and Other News

This is the first time we’ve seen Alessandra Ambrosio on a beach since she was photographed fishing for covfefe. This time however, she’s opted for a different kind of pole. More »

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