1. She’s got some city miles on her.

  2. nilf

    I’m sorry but who is this again I do remember someone who went by the name Courtney Stodden but this is clearly not her. I mean she had a different face come on guys do your research gosh. I thought I was suppose to take a right to get out of Buttfucksville.

  3. I’m sorry, but I would nail her skanky ass to the wall. Grudgefuck city.

    • I, too, would nail her skanky ass to a wall, but I’d do it with an actual nail gun.

      Putting on the minimum of 15 condoms that are required to grudge-fuck her safely is just too time consuming.

  4. Tillman

    “I have a bug bite on this one. It’s really itchy. I like doggies. I have my own phone. Where’s dad?”

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