1. Cock Dr

    Halloween is the only day of the year that this woman dresses appropriately.

  2. Wow…I knew the surgeries would completely change how Heidi looked, but who knew the stress would make Spencer look like this! Yikes…

  3. shawnamiya

    This couple makes me so mad, people continue to take pictures of them and dragging out their 15 minutes of fame which should be called their 15 minutes of shame. I’m not a just a jealous woman that is “jealous” of this girl, I’m a 28 year old, good looking woman. This is a teenager married to a way older man, that has his full sized barbie doll all to himself (well until she finds another guy that she might make her famous). I was a bartender at a strip club and they wear the same thing at work that she does in real life, strippers don’t even wear their club clothes outside of the club. The best thing is she might look like she’s older now (which is good when you are only 18) but in ten years she’s going to look ten years older then that. So by the time she reaches 40 no plastic surgery will be able to fix her. Doug you are sick in the head and Courtney please put some clothes on and get a real job or just go work where your clothing suggests you do anyways.

  4. tom

    This couple is beyond creepiness.

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