1. Swearin

    Everything in this picture would’ve given Hitler a boner. Everything.

  2. Kitty

    At least she covered up her nipples and her horrible Hair Extensions! YAY!

  3. And this is why the tetanus vaccine is so important, kids.

  4. McGraff Crimedog

    Below-average face, huge fake jugs. You can see that mess at any strip club. Barf.

  5. crap

    Looks like an old washed up trash to me. Yuk. Disgusting piece of junk

  6. I was thinking of getting implants but I got inspired to get them because of my aunt and my aunts look like D’s, and Courtney Stodden I think has DD’s… Or a bigger size? I don’t know, but I want implants that are slightly tinier than her’s. Still, I love what she’s done! Bravo.

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