1. jal

    “But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? *cough cough* Wait, what? Where am I?”

  2. Meh

    It must be absolutely exhausting to try so hard all the time.

  3. Kitty

    Now where did I park my car….

  4. stupidskank


  5. tukey neck is starting to develop pretty early. probably the tanning. we are only young once, and youth runs out pretty fast. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY A TEEN WANTS TO LOOK DOUBLE HER AGE! it’s not normal! i’m beginning to worry about aging and i’m only 23. also make up is designed to enhance natural beauty and features, not to paint and draw on your face some whacked out idea of beauty. i bet she can look fabulous if she applies the makeup properly because she isn’t ugly, just uneducated – about nearly everything it appears

  6. KBM

    I really am all that and a bag of …Oh look! Shiney!

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