1. Tyler Perry

    Oh yeah, those are real tits…sure.

  2. Twoshay21

    she looks like $hit !!

  3. TelloMan

    She looks fake…WTF is wrong with this girl!

  4. Her face is pink and her body is brown…her foundation is just clashing with everything else.

  5. Jill

    Got to agree with Gina Brace here – it’s totally obvious that she’s got on plenty of makeup… She just left her “whore eyes” at home. And while this is the first time her face has ever made her look like a teenager, her leathery neck says otherwise.

  6. Cock Dr

    There are a few reasons why a woman would have implants of that size crammed onto her tiny frame.
    Mental illness
    Career in adult entertainment
    Submissive in relationship with monster boobs fetishist who has money to bankroll the surgery

  7. JANE

    Loving her cheetah spots on her chest

  8. Confused

    Did anyone see her hairline?? I’m confused by the gray..

  9. a

    honestly? i think she should shave her head, because
    a. her hair’s beyond help.
    b. she has a good face shape for it.
    she’ll have to ditch her usual make up, but oh well, sucks for her.

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