1. ..and this is why so many women have their implants placed UNDER the chest muscles ladies.Dear god,is she purposely going for the “two footballs under 3 layers of skin” look? You can almost see the brand name of those implants!
    I bet that if you bumped in to her,those things would slip right down to the palms of her hands o.0

  2. Kitty

    The top part of her breast looks bruised! Owie, I dunno if that’s even comfortable to have those things on…owie… nothing wrong with implants but this is not really attractive at all, her skin looks so old and thin and discolored!!!

  3. Lola

    What the hell is wrong with those boobs. Awful…

  4. o0o_me_o0o

    I agree what happened to her chest? I hope its just makeup and it will wash away. Poor girl to have that the rest of her life is nasty. big boobs or not even if i was a guy i wouldnt touch her nasty ass

  5. McCormick

    Way to go Doug! I’ll bet he’s having the time of his life, plastic tit’s or not.

  6. Mike

    She does look pretty young in this one. Not her tits though, they look ageless, I bet they were already in another starlet before.

  7. Tom

    There is no way this chick is 17…honestly. Somewhere in the world R. Kelly is shuttering

  8. fandy

    poor child….thats clearly child abuse

    • Charro

      But she’s a big girl now, and can make her own decisions…don’t you remember being 17 and knowing it all? LOL

  9. Kitten

    SOMEONE uses youtube “how to make painted abs/bigger looking boobs/collageny lips” tutorials!

  10. Norton Burgess

    17 my ass. And didn’t she claim those tits are real? They are in fact real – “real fake”.

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