1. KittyTesty

    Uh oh, I think she totally pooped her pants you guys (Valley girl accent)!

    These pictures are so f*cking hilarious. I know, I know… I must be jehluss. Yeah, that’s it. I wish I could be just like’er!

  2. stupidskank

    yeah, cause girls are totally jelly of a 45 yrold tranny that cant even use make up to make her boobs look bigger properly, or in the pics of her in a bikini from the side you can see her actuall boob takes up about 2/8′s of the bra…. fucking idiot

  3. oh she is definitely wearing face makeup – i can see foundation (a lot), mascara and light blusher but there’s prob more.
    i’m just hearing of this boob make-up now, didnt even know it existed – probably coz i was blessed with real DDs, what’s it meant to do?? but she did a terrible job with whatever the hell “boob make-up” is suspposed to be doing. it looks like a cheap blush smeared around the tops to make them look fake and squar-ish? eh who cares.

  4. C

    Good lord! She is sad looking…trying too hard…maybe if she was not such a freak she could be pretty(maybe)

  5. Sassypants

    I think these pictures are especially hilarious, because she’s got her porn-star poses goin’, with a “just loungin’ around” look on her face. It’s funny. And if that girl is 17, I feel bad for her, cuz she looks pretty old and tired, man.

  6. What is she doing? she looks like Chewbacca squeezing one out her lips.

  7. ugly

    Crack makes her look great. Why is she famous? She looks like she is 45 and a dude.

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