1. Snack pack

    OK. I’m curious about this. Once you get past the ridiculous everything about her in the photo, you have to wonder how she paid for the drink.

  2. McFeely

    She looks like a Dinosaur, and I’m not just talking about her pose.

  3. JosieBelle

    She is going to injure herself walking around like that all the time.

  4. Coyote

    Do you think she know her shoes don’t fit; or that she really looks like Sh*t

  5. Damnrobert

    This chick constantly looks like she’s going to piss herself.

  6. Noel

    LOL…look at those shoes! That’s friggin’ hilarious.

  7. Lily

    I think I should try these shoes for my morning errands.

  8. oHmY

    two things: why do her boobs look like they are trying to escape from her body? there is some serious bruising up there. and second, at least the girl knows how to dress up and outfit with a classy pair of stripper heels!

  9. Misana

    what is that dark mark over her boobs?

  10. WhateverYouSay

    Where the fuck did she just come from, a strip joint? Defiantly not a jogging/gym/errand runner outfit…

  11. She looks like a zombie stripper on mescaline stumbling away from a car accident.

  12. argleblargle

    Theres a lady at work who walks like this. She has some sort of spinal problem that causes it.

  13. kelly

    Look at me, I’m a duck. *quack quack* That’s all I can think of seeing her in that pose.

  14. sallypants

    I thought this was a pic of the raptor from Jurassic Park wearing a cheap Pamela Anderson costume.

  15. Sophia

    lol…laughing at some comments here, you guys are insanely hilarious. Courtney Stodden is a disgust. She looks so filthy.

  16. Jessica

    At first I thought she came back from working out…until I saw the shoes. I have an extensive collection of shoes, inlcuding many like those. However I only use them for modeling and turning things up in the bedroom.

    What the hell is wrong with this chick?? It’s okay to be beautiful and sexy. She is confusing SKANK with sexy.

  17. just here for laughs

    She looks like she is in need of a restroom. And not to facilitate the payment of that drink either.

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