1. Does she have fucking hip dysplasia? Her vet should put her down.

  2. She walks like a hen. I’m waiting for her to start clucking and lay an egg.

  3. What woman doesnt look like that first thing in the morning?
    Im not a person until I slap on 2 inches of foundation (for a natural look of course),slip in to my 10 inch,platform heels,iron my hair,slip into my hot pants and a tank top and do my nails….Yes,I need to be up at 4am to look like this before breakfast,but again..what woman doesnt do that??

    She does give a whole new meaning to “move your body like a snake” though.Im not feelin those moves.Maybe she┬┤s “wearing” a bullet? (the remote nicely disguised as a cell phone..).You all know how important those kegel exersizes are ladies!

  4. onceler

    There is a certain Gumby-like quality to her gait here…

  5. PeggyGuggenheim

    signature move: side fart strut. very tricky!

  6. downwithmuffins

    ‘ooooh heeeey guyzzzz.. i’m jussst minding my own businesss.. i am like.. soooo off guard…’

  7. Ok for real…does she have scoliosis or is she just part dinosaur?

  8. Pam

    who the hell walks like that? geez

  9. POOP

    Anyone who makes me miss the days of Heidi and Spencer needs to be taken down. Can’t the government send people to do that?

  10. She has a freakish ability to make hot boring.

  11. probono

    she looks like a goddamn impala that’s been shot

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