1. Is everyone just going to stand there and take photos when the poor girl clearly has a broken spine?

    and by “girl” I mean 45 year old woman. If that’s a 17 year old, I’ll eat Indian food.

  2. Norm

    I cannot help but laugh at these pictures!! Ya’ know, the ones she’s SURE are super fuckin’ sexy!! Hahahahaha!!

  3. Good Lord. She’s making the Kate Gosselin face!

  4. McFeely

    Idc what anyone says, That’s a Man!

  5. rican

    That right boob sure screams IMPLANT!

  6. *crack*

    Gah, there goes my spine again!

  7. I wonder what Frankie Muniz would look like in a blonde wig, with breast implants. Oh wait, never mind.

  8. The refinement and elegance radiating from her bosom is truly a thing of beauty.

  9. Jack Ketch

    Jesus, she looks like she’s trying to cut a turd here !!

  10. Lisa


  11. Meh

    The faces she thinks are “sexy” are just freakin’ retarded.

  12. The Pope

    Somebody tell Tooms that Halloween is over, he can take off the drag queen outfit now.

  13. shweert

    the thing is, she is still definitely wearing makeup… just not eye/lip make up

  14. RobrtL

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a bad boob day.

  15. jayypee

    i don’t understand this.. :/

  16. Kevin

    I’ve never seen anyone throw their shoulders back so far that it appears that they look like they’re about to break something. This whore never just walks or stands naturally.

  17. Alex


  18. DannyBoy

    Pfffftt….Oh a sensual and scintillating scent just slid out my curvaceous cornhole and glistened my gilded groin mmmmh. Psalms 5:8 ;) xoxox

  19. kingofbeer

    whats with those bruses above her tits? grose!

  20. Panty Thief

    IT’S A MAN, BABY!!

  21. fandy

    her mother should be beaten to death, and then set on fire, and then buried and then….ect, ect

  22. Damon Acular

    She walks like her car keys are up her ass, but there they are right there … peculiar.

  23. cp3

    What the hell is wrong with top of it’s boobs? Is that a sunburn, or makeup, or rugburn?

  24. brownsuga

    Is she really 17?.

  25. uMad

    I love the makeup she’s using to “enchance” her cleavage.

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