1. Me

    is she wearing makeup to contour her boobs?

    • Claire


    • justsayin

      yes it’s (crappy) airbrushing. she does it on her abs as well but not in this photo i don’t think. I keep forgetting this girl is 17…. she looks like she’s 25. for someone who is basically in the final stages of puberty shouldn’t she be a little more…. ‘taut’ and ‘spritely?

  2. Katieee

    The spitting image of shauna sand, my god

  3. good call on the shauna image….jesus, just pathetic….

  4. stratacat

    i think this is the only pic of her with her mouth almost fully closed.

  5. Jaded Lua

    With all the money her husband has’ you’d think she’d be able to afford a decent plastic surgeon….as opposed to allowing 8 year olds to operate on her. Jesus, she makes Tara Reid look decent.

    • Charro

      He’s not that big an actor, so I doubt he’s got a lot of money, otherwise he wouldn’t have been holding acting seminars or whatever the story was as to how they met. I wanna know how you teach acting over the internet??? He gives her a monologue, and she performs it for mommy, Dougie watching over the webcam?

  6. Jezebel

    Her boobs are like a foot long!

  7. o0o_me_o0o

    I think she is prettier with no makeup. she looks younger. and less whoreish. Her boob job is sad though. I dont know who did it but id ask for my money back. the size is fine but the way her chest looks rough.

  8. p00p

    These photos remind me of the censored naked hitch hiking Madonna photos.

  9. Is it just me or does her fake orange tan make her look legs look hairy?

  10. it seems like she has a hard (pun intended) time keeping her mouth closed, like its not natural for her to do so????

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