1. Norm

    This one says to me: “OhmyGod! Life is SO hard, you guys!” (in a Valley girl accent, for some reason)

  2. JosieBelle

    Is she stuffing her bra?! She has the implants, yet – but look at how pushed up her cleavage is and then how low her breasts seem to go. Either she’s padding her bra or her implants went weird and oblong recently.

  3. karmichael

    Here’s my theory. The omnipresent slave armband is actually a specialized form of a fentanyl patch and the silicone bra straps are actually designed to slow release oxycodone straps. Bizarre faces and marriage explained!

    • baccusvd

      actually thanks for pointing out the slave arm band seeing as she is a private sex kitten for some old rich man which lets face it is EXACTLY what she was raised for.

      • Charro

        I honestly don’t think Doug is exactly ‘rich’. He was teaching some sort of acting classes, which is allegedly how they met ONLINE…ahem.

  4. Boo

    If you are going to show the girls tan them please!

  5. +1, i work in a pharmacy, so i extra appreciate this! haha

  6. Cindy

    Quadruple “D’s” Disturbing. Disgusting, Desperate, Demented. The pictures are uncomfortable to see because of just how hard she is working to look like she had no idea pictures might be taken of her when she put on that casual morning lounging outfit and headed to the coffee shop….but if you have seen an interview, well then the picture no longer seems like any big deal. I hope she is on drugs because if that is her real personality then I say let’s get these two spayed and neutered to protect the rest of us and society. YIKES. Doug, not sure what to say buddy. If you wanted some TMZ kind of attention in your life why didn’t you do something a little more respectable like not wear your boxers when getting out of a limo or something. I don’t know how you will ever recover from this one. ….and here I thought the whole green mile character was just an act. CREEPY. But yet….still less creepy than you wife.

  7. dfajklweef

    She has make up on/bronzer to contour her boobs thats why it looks weird

    • baccusvd

      ya, she is wearing a shit ton of foundation too. So it’s not Courtney without make up… shes running at about half capacity.

      I’m sure she went home to use the Homer Simpson Make Up Gun to complete her look POWWW

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