1. unimate

    She looks incredibly good, actually.

    • Karl

      she looks so much better without all that war paint makeup on…she actually looks like a teen here, but here body still looks like it belongs on a 40 year old…

      • Jen

        She does look like a teen here. That’s why I’m now even more grossed out by the marriage…and I did not think that was possible.

  2. archphoenix

    I like how she still has that ridiculous arm cuff on.

  3. Anthony

    That’s the oldest 17-year-old I’ve ever seen

  4. Paul

    she is def a beauty!

  5. Stevie S

    She’s hideous.

  6. why are her boobs different colored from the rest of her? I’d suspect tanning issues…but they’re always exposed.

    • Jax

      She uses contour makeup to make them appear fuller, by placing dark around them they look bigger, she just really did an awful job

  7. bonerfest2011

    with or without makeup she still looks like she’s on the wrong side of 40

  8. Bazinga

    Common she’s a good Christian, guys! Jesus died so she can walk to Starbucks dressed like a hooker on her day off.

  9. Ben Dover

    she was way better looking before she had
    those 2 giant things grafted to her chest

    • baccusvd

      She went on some show to prove they weren’t implants. And nobody noticed that when she got the X-rays she was 8 cup sizes smaller.

      “I don’t have fake tits, I pad the shit out of them durrrrrp want a lollipop?”

  10. tonawanda

    Yeah, seriously — jailbait perhaps, but she looks pretty solid there.

  11. awhitedude

    Why the hell are the tops of her tits so red? Is that makeup, or some freakish tanning accident?

  12. dude

    The thumbnails look like she’s being covered up by two wide censorship bars. I think it’s my subconscious telling me to not look at the whor….er….horror…

  13. jal

    Do people really go out of the house dressed like that? Her fake fun bags would freeze if she went out like that where I am. Seriously, she’s not out jogging and presumably not on her way home from turning tricks. Who puts THAT outfit on to go get coffee? I hope the guy who took her money had gloves on. Where did she pull it out from?

    • albaget

      it’s california, idiot.

      • jal

        It’s been a while since I’ve been in LA but yes, I vaguely remember it being in California, thanks. I just wondered if that’s the norm for that area or if half the people in the coffee shop spilled their drinks in their laps when she walked in.

    • BE

      Yes, people who call the paparazzi an hour before they leave dress like that. And if you call a pound of foundation plus bronzer “no makeup” – hence the line on her chest – yeah that’s “no makeup”

  14. Pixie

    GD, she is so fucking ugly. Does she ever close that stupid mouth? I know she’s tryin hard to be sexy for us, but it makes me just want to punch her in the butt ulgy 50 year old face.

  15. Venom

    She looks semi-normal and kind of cute here.

  16. WhateverYouSay

    Dear Courtney, the jigs up, everyone knows they’re fake – quit padding/stuffing your ginormous push up bra. The one you wear everyday. With those same fucking clear straps.
    Sincerely, Everyone on this damn Earth.

  17. Gator's bitch

    Shes wearing at least foundation, contouring and eyebrows , it just looks natural compared to her usual horror show face

  18. The Brown Streak

    “God, I haven’t felt this wasted since college…I mean middle school.”

  19. Kay

    Oh please, if your a girl you know that without makeup we all have uneven skin. How is it that her face looks so even and perfect yet her body is all blotchy?

  20. every picture i’ve seen of her, she seems to always be wearing invisible straps.. get a strapless.

  21. lately, i am believing she really is 17, she looks it in the face *sometimes*…..most the time she’s trying to look 20yrs older for some damn reason. don’t most women want to look younger? watevz, good for her for garnering all this attention and profiting off absolutely nothing – the new, updated ‘american dream’

    • TomFrank

      “Ah wants to look lak a grownup so people don’t look strange at mah Dougie.”

      (Yeah, I don’t know what she sounds like, so I’m using Britney’s voice here.)

  22. asck

    Their is no way she is 17….if i had to give an honest guess as to how old i think she is, I would say 37…33 without makeup.

  23. Whyask

    She’s going to look like a worn out tire by the time she’s twenty.

  24. fandy

    she looks sad, and abused….someone needs to step in and take this child out of this f***ed up situation.

  25. God

    … even more beautiful! too bad she┬┤s too young and too naked…

  26. Taylor

    Some people are going to see any crap and call it beauty today. Seriously, people, be honest: this creature is beautiful, gorgeous, stunning !? What kind of woman get out of the house wearing that!?

  27. Judge Ito

    After viewing their appearance on Dr. Drew’s show she is clearly either under average on IQ or has a learning disability, possibly both.

    • Sunny

      Yeah, I thought the same thing…Oddly enough it’s not the husband that comes off so bad, it’s her…from the tweets like something out of an erotic book in the 99 cent bin to her facial expressions…He’s always fairly lucid and coherent but I agree, there is something up with her. In all honesty she looks and talks like she’s on some serious sedatives, there is something very wrong with this girl (aside from being an attention whore).

      • Charro

        I would be willing to bet Doug writes ‘her’ tweets. She’s far from literate enough to come up with the words she uses, and he’s a connoisseur or porn, so….

  28. SD

    We used to have a barn cat that walked like her. It was stepped on by a cow. I wonder what her reason is?

  29. Skeets


  30. okiedokey

    Aiming for reality show.

    All the news they create is artificial. Intentional.

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