1. cc

    She looks grotesque now.

  2. ashrit snowe

    If that was my dad ……”The first available bed and I’ll have your ass in Happy Hills Old Folks Home quicker than you can pop a handful of Viagras ,you old shit stain! THIS WILL NOT STAND!!!!”

  3. I always thought Meatloaf was a homosexual. This just re-confirms it.

  4. Ginger Failed

    So she just dumped one old fart to jump in the sack with another?

  5. greenie65

    This couple reminds me of that couple; where the dude was on that tv show “Lost” and his girlfriend was way underage. And they were taking pictures to make themselves famous, but it worked negatively in their favor. I think there was a lesson to be learned there.

  6. KeiraKnows

    Okay, I found it! This is the archived page from Nov. 22, 2013. Mr. Lozzi’s “trailer park people” comment he made about Courtney and Doug is there, it’s the fourth comment from the top. Also, if you do a web search with the phrases “Edward Lozzi” and “July 4, 2013″ (both in quotes), you will see his original comment. Thank you.

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